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company news about What is the relationship between bamboo age and bamboo material?

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Company News
What is the relationship between bamboo age and bamboo material?
Latest company news about What is the relationship between bamboo age and bamboo material?


The relationship between the age of bamboo and the material of bamboo has a significant change with the increase of the age of bamboo. It is of good guiding significance to master the relationship between the age of bamboo and the material and the law of the transformation, to cut the bamboo with appropriate material reasonably, and to improve the application scope and utilization efficiency of bamboo.


latest company news about What is the relationship between bamboo age and bamboo material?  0


Kingwell is a professional bamboo utilization enterprise in China. The growth age of bamboo has a great impact on its strength and use value. Generally, 4-6 years old bamboo is the best material.


The age of bamboo can be determined by the color of the bamboo skin;


One year bamboo, the skin is green, bamboo with white powder;


Two years of bamboo, the skin is dark green, there is no white powder under the bamboo;

Three or four years of bamboo, the skin is deep color and with white, often spotted;


Five or six years of bamboo, the skin color gradually changed to yellow and red yellow, the appearance of white wax coated, solid texture;


More than seven years of bamboo, the skin color star withered yellow, there are apple spots, the texture has become brittle, pressure resistance, tensile resistance reduced. Young bamboo is soaked in water for a long time, the skin is yellow, its meat with purple brown, loose quality easy to break, should not be used.


It can be seen from the above that the three-year-old bamboo is basically tender bamboo, the material is loose, easy to deformation and cracking, and the bamboo over seven years has basically been aging, the texture is brittle, and is not suitable for processing and use, and the four to six year-old bamboo is the most valuable bamboo.

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